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Salve a tutti!  :D

L'amatissimo (per me senza ombra di dubbio) SeaMonkey esce con una nuova versione, la 2.53.2.

Alcuni importanti avvertimenti prima di aggiornare:
Automatic upgrades from previous versions are disabled for this release. Please download the full installer from the downloads section and install SeaMonkey 2.53.2 manually over the previous version.

This version makes changes to your profile that can't be reverted in case you want to go back to a previous version of SeaMonkey. You MUST absolutely do a full backup of your profile before trying SeaMonkey 2.53.2.

The Mozilla backend code SeaMonkey is based on, now usually incorporates breaking changes in every release. This is especially true for the Mozilla Gecko add-ons code and the JavaScript interpreter. Consequently, some older extensions may no longer function properly. If you experience any problems please refer to the troubleshooting section first. Especially try to disable extensions first and check if this makes a difference.
Important only if you upgrade from 2.49.5 or an earlier version: Due to changes in the user profile, if you have set a master password, you will have to remove it before upgrading to SeaMonkey 2.53.2. After a successful upgrade, don't forget to manually remove the files key3.db and cert8.db in your profile afterwards, as they include credentials and passwords no longer protected by a master password. You can find the path to your profile folder entering the special about:support URL in a SeaMonkey browser window.
You can remove you master password by providing an empty password in the "Change Master Password" dialog. Do not use the "Reset Password" function. You will lose all stored passwords this way.

Le novità salienti (un mio personalissimo estratto):
What's New in SeaMonkey 2.53.2

SeaMonkey 2.53.2 contains (among other changes) the following major changes relative to SeaMonkey 2.53.1:

    Scrollbars have been switched over to the native gtk3 theme in bug 1625754. If your theme does not show scrollbar buttons and you would like to see them try editing ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css and adding the following:

        * {
          -GtkScrollbar-has-backward-stepper: 1;
          -GtkScrollbar-has-forward-stepper: 1;

    The download progress dialog has been fixed and is now showing the correct status for downloads. Some downloads may not show the transferred count. This problem is under investigation.
    SeaMonkey is now translated and available in Finnish and Georgian.
    Because of website compatibility issues and privacy concerns the Lightning version is no longer appended to the user agent string and has been removed from the preferences dialog.
    Advanced Layers has been activated on Windows. This should boost performance on some websites. If you experience graphics problems please disable it by setting the pref "layers.mlgpu.enabled" to false.
    Whether the native app chooser is used in Linux is now controlled via a preference setting in the Helper Applications preference pane.
    In the Modern theme, popup notifications have improved styling and column headers now display sort direction arrows.
    The column picker and folder view have been reinstated for the bookmarks panel.
    Introduced the ability to close all tabs to the right of the current tab.
    Whether mailnews tabs open in the background is controlled by a separate preference to browser tabs via General Settings section of main Mail & Newsgroups preference pane.
    Fixed an issue with the recipient being missing when using Reply to Sender and Group button in Newsgroup discussions.
    SeaMonkey now prevents address books from having duplicate names.


SeaMonkey 2.53.2 uses the same backend as Firefox and contains the relevant Firefox 60.3 security fixes.

SeaMonkey 2.53.2 shares most parts of the mail and news code with Thunderbird. Please read the Thunderbird 60.0 release notes for specific changes and security fixes in this release.

Additional important security fixes up to Current Firefox 74 and a few enhancements have been backported. We will continue to enhance SeaMonkey security in subsequent 2.53.x beta and release versions as fast as we are able to.

SeaMonkey Download & Releases (per scaricare la release).

SeaMonkey 2.53.2 Release Notes (note ufficiali della release).


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